How to add shipping to your store?


With OhMyCart, it is easy and straightforward to set up shipping options. Before you start accepting orders, you need to decide on the shipping options and shipping strategies you are going to apply to your store.

Shipping Options

In OhMyCart, you are given the full flexibility to use whichever courier provider you like to. Meaning that, you will be directly dealing with the courier providers and have the power of negotiation, to get the best rate for your business.

Shipping Calculation

Different factors can affect the actual cost of sending your products to the buyer, including

  • Package weight and dimensions
    Certain courier providers calculate shipping rate based on the actual weight but some based on dimensions
  • Shipping destination
    For example, sending to Genting Highlands will cost higher
  • Value of products
    Some courier will impose higher delivery charge if you are sending high-value products
  • Delivery time
    For example, same day delivery will cost higher

Shipping management in OhMyCart is very flexible that you are able to set different shipping rates for each conditions above.

Shipping Strategy

Now this is the exciting part because this is the key that drives your sales. Generally, there are four popular shipping strategies:

Enable pickup

If you have an offline store or warehouse, you can offer pickup option to those customers who prefer to purchase online and pick up orders themselves. If you enable pickup, here’s what you can do

  • Provide clear instructions of pickup process including location, and time that allows customers to pick up
  • Enable to feature to ask for pickup date and time at checkout page

Free shipping

It is very common that retailers offer free shipping over a certain order amount to encourage customers to buy more. In OhMyCart, it is so flexible that you can even set the conditions for free shipping. Here are the settings you can apply:

  • Minimum order subtotal
  • Delivery zones that are eligible for free shipping

Flat rate shipping

This is the most straightforward shipping option whereby you just need to set a flat rate for every orders. This is ideal if you are only sending orders to your neighborhood area. For example, you can charge a flat rate RM 5 for any order within Petaling Jaya.

Charging exact shipping cost (available soon)

If you are using popular service like Poslaju, DHL, Aramex, ABX etc. you can set up your store to receive automatic shipping rates from these couriers. All you need to do to enable this, just head to App Market at the control panel, and install the app of your preferred courier provider to your store. Once this is done, you can skip the manual shipping rate setting and display the shipping rate directly on customer’s checkout page.

This feature will be available soon.

Exclusive shipping in OhMyCart

Now sellers can enable MrSpeedy for your store to let your customers receive orders on the same day. Shipping rate will be calculated automatically and displayed to customer at checkout page. Follow this article to read more how it works.