Learn how to beautify your store


As an online brand, your storefront appearance gives visitor the very first impression. Appealing colours, intuitive interface, engaging design of your eCommerce website should captivate visitors’ attention.

You could spent a couple of dollars to hire a professional web designer to customize your online store that matches your branding. Alternatively, you could just grab any ready-made storefront template available on OhMyCart or even easily integrate with any WordPress theme!

Here’s a few tips & tricks on how to enhance your storefront look and feel that helps to attract buyers and retain loyal customers.

1. Engaging Product Images

Generally, there are two types of customers who do a visit to your online store. The person visiting your store not necessarily in the purchase stage of customer journey – but rather someone who is still eyeing and gathering information. Your website plays an essential role in delivering the context what your business is offering and what customers could purchase at your online store.

Less than 1% of consumers want to see a single product photo, 33.16% prefer to see multiple photos. While majority – 60% prefer to see a 360º product view

Jon Macdonald

Great photos of your products portray the soul of your online store. Without ideal product images, nobody would be interested to place an order without knowing what they are actually looking at. First tip of the day, attach as many photos as you can – that describes the product well and clear.

By showing multiple photos of your product from various angles, helps to build confidence in your potential buyers to make a purchase. Customers tend to see product images rather than reading the description first. Hence it is important that your product images catch people’s attention at their first sight.

Another great thing that OhMyCart could do, one of the few eCommerce platforms that supports uploading motion product as product thumbnail. See example below.

2. Keep everything consistent, but personalised

A good website should not let user feels too complicated and overloaded with too much information when browsing. Always remember, less is more. Avoid using too many colour tones in a website that makes you lose your brand identity. Take a look at the good example below.

Observe closely, this example portrays a harmony combination of colour tone that delivers sweetness matching their logo branding identity.

If you have yet to decide on the colour tones to use on your online store, have a look at these websites to get inspiration:

3. Intuitive navigation

If you know what you’re selling, you should know your audience well enough by showing them the easy way to navigate around your website. For eCommerce website, this can be achieved by proper planning product categories and assigning product to the right category.

The category name should be precise and easy to understand, try to avoid creative category title that makes visitor guess what it is. Research shows one of the reason of low conversion rate in certain eCommerce website is because customers couldn’t find what they need or looking for.

Put these best practices to work

Now you get the idea of some of the baseline to build a beautiful and usable online store. Without knowing how to code, at least some design sense, you could produce a good looking website to sell your products too.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or uncertain how to begin, we are here to help! We have an in-house designer team that know how to create a design that matches your business branding.

Drop us a message here if your wish to find out how to customize your store, we’ll get in touch as soon as possible!