How to enable MrSpeedy plugin for your store?


MrSpeedy is a courier service provider that enables your customer to receive orders on the same day after placing order at your store. Make your store even more powerful by installing this add-on and automatically calculate shipping rate during customer checkout.


  • Let your customer enjoy the benefits of same day delivery at your store
  • Seamlessly creating pick up request to MrSpeedy at single dashboard after updating order status to ‘Ready For Pickup’ at Ohmycart dashboard

Step-by-step guideline

Before we begin, we are assuming that you have the accounts below ready:

  • Ohmycart store, click here to start creating your store if you haven’t own one
  • Secret token from MrSpeedy

Plugin Setup

1. Click this link after login into MrSpeedy account to retrieve your token for integration.

2. Skip step 1 & 2. Type “Ohmycart” in the 3rd step, and click “Get API token”

3. Go to your store dashboard, navigate to Apps > App Market, and search for “MrSpeedy”. Next click “Install”

4. After finish installing, navigate to Shipping & Pickup, add “MrSpeedy” as your new shipping method

5. Now you should see MrSpeedy option is enabled by default. Click “Edit”

6. Enter the secret key that you’ve obtained from MrSpeedy dashboard, and your pickup details including address and contact number

7. Click “Save”

Verify MrSpeedy at your store

After completing all the steps above, head to your storefront and add some products to your cart. Now if you proceed to checkout, you should see MrSpeedy as one of the shipping option at the checkout page.

Having issues?

If you are not seeing MrSpeedy at your storefront, here’s what you could try

  • Check if the secret key entered at Ohmycart dashboard is identical with the secret token at MrSpeedy dashboard
  • Check if you have entered a valid pickup location, your address must be complete with address line, city, state and postcode

Still not able to resolve? Don’t worry, we have your back! Email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, check out this post to see how to ship and manage orders with MrSpeedy.