Multiple ways to manage your store


OhMyCart provides multiple ways for business owners to manage your online store. No computer or laptop with you now? No worries. Manage your orders, products, or customers right from your mobile! We’ll show you the ways you could manage your store and how would you benefit from them.

1. Website with desktop access

The typical way to manage your store from your browser, which requires you to access your computer or laptop. Simple and intuitive layout provides shop owner to manage your store conveniently and efficiently.

2. Mobile App for iOS

Alternatively, you just need an app for you to manage your store right from your mobile! The app is compatible with your iPhone and iPad, which lets you to configure, edit, and manage your store anytime, anywhere. It’s super convenient and user friendly to perform any activities at your online store even when you’re away from your desk.

Here’s what you could do with the app

  • Snap a picture of your product and upload to your store from your mobile phone
  • Accept payments right from the app
  • Effectively managing your orders from your pocket
  • Receive notifications and never miss any order
  • More…

How to download?

  1. Search for My e-Shop in your App Store.
  2. Tap Install.

3. Mobile App for Android

The app to manage your store is available for Android users as well. Download the app and start managing your store right from your Android smartphone.

How to download?

  1. Search for My e-Shop in your Google Play.
  2. Tap Install.

Login and sync across web & mobile

Several ways you can login to My e-Shop app and sync your store data instantly.

Option 1 – Scan QR Code

First sign in to your store dashboard from your computer/laptop, navigate to Mobile, and click “Get the App” button.

You will see a popup that displays your store QR Code, simply scan the QR code with My e-Shop app and you’ll be signed in automatically. This option allows you to sign in instantly without entering your email and password manually.

Option 2 – Login via email & password

If you do not have additional device with you at the moment, simply enter your login email and password to access your store dashboard.

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