OhMyCart! It’s that simple to sell online


Have you ever thought of creating a website to start selling your products online? It might sound like an overwhelming task, especially for people who do not know how to code. Here’s what you need to know! With OhMyCart, it is so simple to start bringing your business online!

Here’s how you can build an eCommerce website with OhMyCart

If you are starting from scratch, follow the guideline below to create an eCommerce website for your business.

1. Sign up with OhMyCart

First, you need an account to access the store dashboard. You can quickly sign up for an account with OhMyCart. After registered for an account, you can now begin setting up your eCommerce website for your brand. To do that, simply login to OhMyCart Dashboard, and you will see “Website” on the left panel. Click on “Website” and you will see “Edit Site”.

Go to “Edit Site”, you will see a new tab opened in your browser, showing you the site editor of OhMyCart that is really simple to use. That allows you to edit your site content in a preview mode, and just click “Save” once you’re ready to publish!

2. Create product categories

Next, you should create product categories to organize your products in your eCommerce website. Never neglect category management as a personalized category pages could drive more sales to your online store. With OhMyCart, it is so easy to manage your categories but being comprehensive at the same time. You may create a root category and add subcategories underneath the main category.

3. Add products to your store

After all the basic setups are configured, now it’s time to add products and start accepting orders at your online store to generate revenue. If you have many products to upload, you don’t have to upload one by one but use import to bulk upload instead.

And now you’re ready to go!

With OhMyCart and your dedication, your store is destined for success! Check out this post to see why you should own a mobile app for your eCommerce.