Small business should go ecommerce


Ecommerce has been growing over the years and has become the key to bring business to next level. Study shows that 86% of retail sales growth in the next 5 years will come from multichannel retailers. This proven that ecommerce is essential for every business to grow. However, there are misconceptions about small business does not need to go ecommerce but in fact, it could bring many opportunities for small business to succeed.

You need to stop thinking like this

  • Small business does not need to go online
  • Not all industry needs to be online
  • Not sure how to get started
  • Ecommerce sounds complicated
  • Ecommerce is too expensive
  • No time to set up or manage a store

In fact, not matter small business or corporates, we all need to have a strategy to make our business move forward and keep growing. Ecommerce is one of the best option to excel in the market. Though social platform such as Facebook and Instagram is a good place to begin your ecommerce journey, with a proper online store, your online business could move even further.

Benefits of ecommerce

  • Boost sales volume by attracting new online customers and upselling current customers
  • Drive sales by adding store to their websites, social sites, and marketplaces
  • Increase customer loyalty by providing products services with a multichannel business

Ecommerce is not just about creating an online store and sell your products. Just that alone will not bring your business to any great success. In short, ecommerce is not just selling a product on a website. It will be a very interesting journey for every business owner to explore. Ecommerce can have a very broad definitions and have a look at some of the tips below.

Ecommerce is not just about selling product on a website

  • Promote your products and services on social media sites
  • List products on marketplaces
  • Schedule appointments and services
  • Sell digital downloads and gift cards
  • Offer virtual classes and experiences
  • Send marketing emails with promo offers
  • Run ad campaigns
  • Offer local delivery and in-store pickup
  • Accept donations and tips